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A training consultancy that arises from the need to spread the schooling of Forensic Psychophysiology.

EPA provides polygraph course with an unbeatable price and the most relevant training in comparison with other education programs. More than 15 years of experience in polygraph training plans for individuals and organizations validate the competence of our staff.

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Intuition and Determination

Professional Discretion

Sense of Justice

Analytical Skill


Leadership and responsabilty

Independence of Decision Making

Career path

PDD expert persona

We make sure that the profile of a professional polygraph examiner can count on complete theoretical tools, practices and a professional growing character ideal for the application of tests of all types.

Guaranteed certificate

Certified degrees and diplomas

Our courses are certified by the most established and prominent international associations.

Associations such as the Europolygraph and ICPA (Israel). Our students will be awarded with the legal status equivalent to those who were trained in schools endorsed by associations such as APA, among many others.

EPA Courses

Forensic Psychophysiology’s training level



1,800  1,200 

Builds on the knowledge and skills gained during the previous course; it aims to help you exploring new methods of deception detection. After completion, you will be awarded with a DIPLOMA IN FORENSIC PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGY.



Is an innovative curriculum that offers the academic knowledge and practical skills necessary to achieve excellence and reach a top level of job performance in this field. The certification takes up to 700 hours of study and commitment.



2,000  1,500 

Is intended to prepare students that need to begin their career path as a POLYGRAPH EXAMINER. It requires more than 400 hours of study and commitment.

Polygraph Experts Says

Professionals that sucessfully become PDD experts
Lennon Harwood, Polygraph Expert, Investigator

With many years of experience and knowledge in the field, the advanced course has helped me to review and maintain my knowledge competitive in the current market.

Christina Wright, Psychologist

Simply put at your fingertips a series of fundamental techniques that you could not know just by reading a book. read more

Daisy Rogers, Operations Coordinator

The long and extensive experience of the instructors has been meticulously captured in each subject and practice resulting in the easy understanding of complex topics. read more

Kiah Churchill, Goverment employee

When I did the practical part I managed to acquire a great experience both in the professional use of the polygraph as in the accurate techniques necessary to carry out a successful and effective polygraph exam. read more

Jayce Costa, Human Resources

In my organization we needed the applied use of polygraph to our members, as part of that action we needed trained examiners in the area in a short time, luckily in the market we found these courses that have a wide and experienced professional preparation that allowed us in a short time to have professional… read more

Bret Nicholson, Lawyer

The Master course in forensic psychophysiology is one of the most complete, addressing topics such as Activation arousal and Brain mechanisms of emotions, it allows people without extensive experience as in my case to have specialized and robust knowledge in the application of complex techniques of analysis of testimonies with the polygraph. read more

Yahya Cotton, Acquisition of human talent

The use of polygraph is an important tool within organizations, with this specialization I have been able to understand it deeply and to use it in the field with total safety. read more

Philip Howard, Lawyer, Polygraph Examiner

The certificates have given me a very important tool to show my clients a serious and professional reputation in the field of polygraph tests.

Ruairi Buchanan, Expert Polygrapher

For many years I have practiced the use of polygraph in many complex cases and in difficult situations, the way in which the Forensic Piscofisiologia has evolved over time corresponds to the use of better techniques and principles, the new equipment and more advanced analysis tools, I have done a couple of courses with my… read more

Leigha O’Neill, Psychologist

Forensic psychophysiology is a topic that it will always be broad and profound, the way in which they synthesize the content is clear and concise, thanks to this I have been left with a great understanding of advanced topics in the area. read more

Carwyn Grimes, Polygraph Examiner

I saw for the first time the use of the Polygraph from a film in the cinema, immediately I got hooked by the wonderful results that were thrown taking the testimony of a guilty person, from that moment I look everywhere for the way to learn and see how far I could get to use… read more

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